We began the property acquisition phase of our community evolution in the midst of financial scarcity. We acquired approximately one acre of land nicely situated within the city of Moreno Valley and looked to continue to build and develop the best in community life under the guidance of the Holy Quran. Although our resources were limited, we possessed a tremendous amount of faith and a fresh and undaunted spirit to accomplish our objective. That objective was and still is to build a house of Allah in this life while we have the opportunity.

We began to raise funds back in 1995 with postdated checks from just a few families and the fiery spirit of Allah in our hearts. Within two short months we had raised over $30,000 and closed escrow on our current property. Amongst the factors of our overwhelming success was our use of the Tahajjud prayer. We rose from our beds collectively, although in different homes, in the early hours of the morning and cried out in unison for God’s assistance. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming blessings that poured forth because our faith was stronger than our circumstances. We were also amazed at the extent to which Allah blessed our efforts. Allah did not fail us then and we are certain he will not fail us now.

We remain committed to the work we have inherited and we strive to fulfill our vision to establish additional services, programs, and support systems for the Ummah and the broader community. We are mindful of the Hadith that states if you build a house for the worship of Allah in this life then he will build a better house for you in the paradise. To that end we extend the opportunity to share in the culmination of this momentous task as we close in on the completion of this phase.

Introducing the 20/2000 Program

We are seeking 20 entities, believers, companies, families, etc to contribute a total sum of $2,000. Our goal is to raise the final $40,000 needed to retire the note on this phase of our project. We began almost 20 years ago with a balance of $180,000 and we have worked and struggled for two decades to be able to see the finish line in plain sight. We are looking for pledges, checks, partial payments, and anything you care to send forth as a blessing for your own soul in our effort to complete the pay off of this property. Get your blessings!

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